Registration & Residency

Seymour Public Schools Centralized Registration Process

The Seymour Schools registration process strives to assist families seeking enrollment or transferring within our school district by making the process as easy as possible through a centralized process.

There are several documents that will be required in order to begin the enrollment and registration process. A notary will be on site for parents/legal guardians who need documents notarized. In many cases original documents will need to be referenced, and copies will be made on site if needed by the school system for filing purposes.

In order to expedite the process to register your child in the Seymour School District, please bring with you the following paperwork:

    • Child’s birth certificate or passport.
    • Child’s last physical and immunizations.
    • Your driver’s license with your current Seymour address. (change of address label on the back of your license is acceptable)
    • Two bills that come in your name to your Seymour address. Examples include but not limited to: Cell phone, Electricity, Water, Oil/Fuel, Motor Vehicle Registration, Motor Vehicle Insurance, Tax Bill
    • If you rent/lease your home, a copy of your lease and the landlord affidavit (our document # 5 which must signed and notarized)
    • If you own your home, a copy of the warranty deed or mortgage statement.
  • Step 1: Parents/Guardians will obtain Seymour Schools registration packet and school information packets at the Central Office building, located at Seymour Board of Education, 98 Bank Street, Seymour, on the upper level. Packets may also be mailed or emailed upon request. Centralized Registration staff must document all requests for registration packets for follow up information if necessary. Parents should call ahead for handicap accessibility accommodations. All district forms must be processed for official enrollment. At this time an appointment will be scheduled for the return of the packet. Follow up within 1 week if the registration packet has not been returned.
  • Step 2: Parents/Legal Guardians must return in person with all completed district forms to the Centralized Registration center, 98 Bank Street. All required documents must be brought to the Centralized Registration Center for verification purposes.
  • Step 3: The Centralized Registration Center Staff will review legal documentation of each child:
    • Birth Certificate
    • Residency
    • Any questionable residency documentation should be sent to the Director of Security for Review
    • Residency must be verified before moving forward in the registration process
    • Demographics must be filled out in its entirety and legibly
    • Health information
    • Must be scanned and verified by the appropriate school nurse
    • Health records must be verified before moving forward in the registration process
    • If Special Services has been checked as being required an email will be sent to the special education department alerting them to an incoming student
    • Checklist completed with the parent/guardian to verify completion/inclusion of all documents

Verification of documents and records may take up to three (3) days before notification to parents regarding acceptance. This should be done as soon as possible.

Step 4: Once verification is complete, Centralized Registration Staff scans demographic documents to PS Data Specialist for enrollment into PS student information system. The PS Data Specialist enters student information into PS student information system and then emails Centralized Registration Staff that the student is enrolled. Centralized Registration Staff will send notification to building administrator as well as all original documents for filing upon receipt of e-mail from data specialist indicating student is officially enrolled. (cc: transportation to arrange busing)

Step 5: Centralized Registration Staff will contact Parents/ Legal Guardians via phone call and email a communication of acceptance and completion of the registration process. The parent will then be instructed to contact the child’s school administrator for a welcome and date to report to school. Parents/Legal Guardians will be provided school forms/school-based information to this initial school meeting.

Cathy Guerra

Cathy Guerra

Titles: Student Registration Specialist
Phone Numbers:
School: 203-888-4564 ext. 1900
Richard Kearns

Richard Kearns

Titles: Director of Security
Phone Numbers:
School: 203-888-2561 ext. 1903