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Fall Pre-Season Presentation



  • Respect yourself and others.
  • Respect environment and property.
  • Respect learning.

As an integral part of the total educational process, Seymour athletics make significant contributions toward helping students grow in mind, body, and spirit. Sports participation is an effective way to teach students about good character, discipline, accountability, teamwork, and the benefits of a healthy, fit body. It is a privilege to be a student/athlete in the interscholastic athletic program at Seymour High School. Evidence of increased knowledge of fitness and athletic skills, growth in maturity, and motivation in the pursuit of excellence are all major factors considered in assessing the program’s success.

It is the belief of the athletic department that Seymour athletics will:

  • Promote self-discipline and responsibility, and teach the value of hard work ethic
  • Have a competitive spirit while developing teamwork, and good sportsmanship
  • Build school and community pride and unity
  • Teach the lifelong benefits of sports and fitness for physical and mental well-being
  • Interact with other schools and communities
  • Represent Seymour High School with pride





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Athletic Director

Ernie DiStasi

Ernie DiStasi

Titles: Assistant Principal, Athletic Director
Cathy Federowicz

Cathy Federowicz

Titles: Teacher, Assistant Athletic Director

Scores & Outcomes