Conference Signups

CLS March Parent-Teacher Conferences

Please note that March Conferences will be in-person, not virtual.


Sign-ups for the CLS March Parent-Teacher Conferences are now live!

Please access your child’s teachers’s conference schedule via the links below. 

If you have any difficulty, please call the CLS office at 203-888-4640 for assistance.


The dates for the March parent-teacher conferences will be:

Wednesday, March 2              2:00 – 4:00 p.m.

Wednesday, March 9              6:00 – 8:00 p.m.

Wednesday, March 16            2:00 – 4:00 p.m.


We will assign slots for all parents who have not signed up for March conferences by Tuesday, February 22, so if you have a preference once the link goes live to sign-up, get on right away!


Spring Conferences

Mrs. Cirella-PS

Mrs. DeLorenzo-PS



Ms. Prefontaine

Mrs. Jurkowski-K

Mrs. Senia-K

Mrs. Broad-K


Grade 1

Mrs. Charochak-1

Mrs. Imperio-1

Mrs. Santo-1

Ms. Wendland-1



Kim Ryan-SPED

Alison Brett-SPED


Grade 2

Mrs. Verrelli-2

Mrs. McCasland-2

Ms. Mariano-2

Ms. Pernaselci-2

Ms. Scribano-2

Mrs. Marini-2


Grade 3

Mrs. Daly-3

Mrs. Dorosh-3

Mrs. DeAngelis-3


Mrs. Overcash-3


Grade 4

Mr. Mullaney-4

Mrs. Drost-4

Mrs. Klesyk /Mrs. Gruttadauria-4

Mrs. Ciocca-4


Grade 5

Mrs. Pinkussohn-5

Mr. Fleming-5

Mrs. Kimball-5

Mrs. Cunningham-5



Mrs. O’Callaghan-LA Consultant

Mrs. Duke-SRBI

Mrs. Orfiss-SRBI

Mrs. Wandel-SLP

Ms. Stango-SLP

Miss Schofield-SPED

Mrs. Champagne-SPED

Mrs. Ogren-SPED

Miss Roshkind

Mrs. Salvati- Counselor

Mrs. DeNigris-Counselor

Mrs. Pellerito-Psychologist

Mr. Ackerson-PE

Mrs. Chapin-Art

Mrs. Kirkland-Librarian

Mrs. Goldberg-Music