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Director of Curriculum and Instruction

The office of the Director of Curriculum and Instruction supports the teaching and learning process by providing support to all of the academic areas, the process of assessment, curriculum, instruction and professional learning.

In Seymour, we are currently implementing school improvement plans which focus on providing effective feedback based on clear learning intentions and success criteria, embedding choice and rigor to promote student engagement, utilizing technology to maximize student achievement, and ensuring best practices in instruction and assessment in every classroom. Our teachers and families have high expectations for our students, and our students rise to the challenge.

Curriculum is a teacher’s road map and is the backbone of a school district. For a curriculum to be effective, it must be grounded in evidence-based practices, aligned to our current Connecticut Core Standards, and based on the belief that each and every student has the ability to achieve at high levels. Curriculum also evolves as our field advances – regularly integrating best practices, aligning district initiatives, and incorporating state directives all lead to a sustainable and rigorous learning community for our students.

To sustain rigorous curricular and instructional strategies, teachers collaborate through on-going organized efforts each school year. This attention to professional development in Seymour ensures an exemplary, well-informed professional staff who subsequently provide a high-quality educational experience to our students. Consistency and stability in the delivery of classroom instruction are reinforced by strong collaboration, aligned curriculum, and informed professional development.

Performance on assessments indicate our students are learning and achieving at strong rates. We invite you to become familiar with our curriculum and other programs and services that support teaching and learning in our schools. If you have questions or suggestions, we welcome your feedback.

Mary Sue Feige

Mary Sue Feige

Titles: Director of Curriculum and Instruction