Kindergarten Registration

Any child 5 years old on or before January 1 is eligible for kindergarten registration.


Please contact Cathy Guerra at 1-203-888-4564 x1900 or via email at to begin the registration process.


Kindergarten registration begins in March of each year. Dates will be posted on this website and on the district Facebook page when they are set. School-based orientations for parents are scheduled in the spring. Orientation provides parents and our newest students the opportunity to meet staff and learn more about the kindergarten program and the Seymour schools.

If you plan to withhold your child from kindergarten for the school year, Connecticut State Law 98-243 requires that you personally appear at the district registration office and sign a document indicating that your child will be held out for the year. The purpose of the legislation is not to interfere with the rights of parents but to provide information to assist in making an informed decision.


Kindergarten Registration for Current Year


Dates for Kindergarten registration for the Seymour Public Schools will be announced soon.


(To be Determined)

Parents of children who are eligible for kindergarten in August of 2020 as well as Grade One (1) students who have been attending a private kindergarten program, are urged to register their children at the elementary schools in their district on these dates and time.Children must be five (5) years of age as of December 31, 2020 to be eligible to attend Kindergarten in August, 2020.

Parents must bring a copy of the child’s official birth certificate, immunization records and proof of residency. Proof of residency documentation includes: driver’s license, house deed or lease and two utility bills. Children should have the required immunization inoculations and boosters for the following: Polio, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, DPaT, Varicella, Hib (Hemophilus Influenza Type B), and Hep B (Hepatitis B), Pneumococcal, and Hep A.

The Connecticut State Education Law requires that all school children have a health examination prior to entering kindergarten.We strongly encourage you to have your private physician perform this examination prior to August 15, 2019 so that your child may be admitted to school on August 28, 2019.Your private physician is the health individual who knows the most about your child's health and can contribute to the preservation of your child's health.Completed physical paperwork must be returned by August 15, 2020 in order for students to start school.

Along with the health examination, a hematocrit or hemoglobin blood test, vision, auditory, and postural screening must be performed, plus adequate immunizations.The following are the immunization requirements prior to registration:

1. DTaP– At least four (4) doses.The last dose must be given on or after 4th birthday

2. Polio – At least three (3) doses.The last dose must be given on or after 4th birthday

3. MMR – Two (2) doses separated by at least 28 days, 1st dose on or after the 1st birthday

4. Hib – One (1) dose on or after the 1st birthday for children less than 5 years old

5. Hep B – Three (3) doses, last dose on or after 24 weeks of age

6. Varicella (Chicken Pox) – Two (2) doses separated by at least 3 months, 1st dose on or after the 1st birthday or verification of disease

7. Pneumococcal – One (1) dose on or after 1st birthday for children less than 5 years old

8. Hep A – Two (2) doses given Six (6) calendar months apart, 1st dose on or after 1st birthday

If you have any questions, feel free to discuss them with your child's private physician or contact the principal of your child's school.