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Seymour Public Schools Security Corner

Seymour Public Schools is committed to the safety and security of students, faculty, staff and visitors on all of its campuses. In order to support that commitment, Seymour Public Schools annually conducts an all-hazards review of its schools’ emergency prevention, protection, mitigation, response and recovery procedures relevant to natural and human caused disasters.

An All-Hazards School Security and Safety Plan has been developed for each individual school and is reviewed annually by the heads of all of the Town of Seymour Emergency Services Agencies and submitted to the CT Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security for review as well.This Plan is a blueprint that relies on the commitment and expertise of individuals within and outside of the school community. Furthermore, clear communication between school and emergency management officials, along with ongoing monitoring of emergency management practices and advisories is an essential piece of the partnership between the school community and emergency services to keep our students and staff safe.

What we do to keep students safe…

In partnership with the Town of Seymour Emergency Services, the Director of Security for the Seymour Public Schools continually practices and trains students and staff in emergency response procedures at all grade levels.

There are four basic Emergency Response Procedures practiced by students and staff throughout the School Year. Every school has a comprehensive emergency plan which is collaboratively developed and regularly practiced. In order to protect the integrity of our procedures, only broad information is outlined below.

Phase 1 Lockdown- This occurs when there is a threat of violence or harm to the student body and staff from within the building. This may include: armed intruders or violent person(s) seeking to cause harm.The staff and students will seeks a safe and secure place out of harm’s way. Other options are discussed with students and staff as well on how to respond to this type of incident.

Phase 2 Lockdown – This occurs when there is something outside a building affecting the integrity of the building.This may include: severe weather event or a hazardous material spill incident.Students and staff will leave their classrooms and move to designated safe areas inside their respective buildings until it is safe to return to their classroom.

Stay Put – This occurs when there is a situation occurring inside or outside the building where we need to stop the movement of people in the hallways and on campus.Staff simply clear hallways and secure their room.Teachers will continue classroom instruction until the situation is rectified.This may include someone having a medial issue in the hallway, outside, or classroom, or a facility issue such as a broken pipe.

Evacuation- Students are trained in evacuation procedures most often through the activation of the Fire Alarm, which is conducted monthly.

Important Note for parents…

We depend on the cooperation of many people and agencies in order for our emergency response plans to be effective. It is important for parents to know that during an actual incident for the safety of students and staff, we ask that parents please do not go to the impacted school where the incident is occurring.You will not be allowed on campus while emergency services is addressing the incident. This allows any emergency vehicles full access to our campus. Please do not call the school. We understand your concerns, but it is critical that the phone system be available for emergency communication.

Information will be relayed to parents regarding what is occurring and where they can go for information. The district may also use their rapid-calling system for communication. Please make sure all of your phone contacts are updated and current with the school you children are attending. There are reunification points established for parents to go during an incident away from the impacted school. Reunification will be done as quickly as possible and when safe to do so to ensure parents their children are safe.

The safety and security of our students is our highest priority. During a time of crisis Emergency Services need clear and unobstructed access to our schools and the ability to address the issue at hand with all of their resources focused on restoring order. When Emergency Services has to divert resources from the crisis to control people from entering the area it creates a very unsafe situation for everyone. We ask for your cooperation regarding this point.

If you have any safety or security concerns please contact:

Director of Security Edward Henry at (203) 888-2561 ext. 1003 or your building administrator

Edward Henry

Edward Henry

Titles: Director of Security
Locations: Seymour High School
Ronald Barnard

Ronald Barnard

Titles: School Security Officer
Locations: Bungay Elementary
Kevin Pimpinelli

Kevin Pimpinelli

Titles: School Security Officer
Locations: Chatfield Lo-Presti