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District 1:1 Device Policy



District Assigned Device


Rules and Appropriate Usage

Seymour Schools encourages the use of 1:1 devices and the network, including the internet, as a tool for research and education.   1:1 devices and the network, like any other school property, must be used for the educational purposes for which they are intended.  The devices issued to students are the property of Seymour Public Schools.  Before a District Assigned Device (Device(s)) will be issued for use at home, students and parents or guardians must sign the "District Assigned Device Student User Agreement Form" and the "School District Assigned Device Protection Plan Form" These forms must be renewed within 30 days of any significant change approved by the Board of Education.  Parents and students will be notified of any significant change on the district website as by email.


The policy, procedures, and information within this document apply to all District owned devices used in, and out of, District schools, including any other device considered by the administration to come under this policy. Individuals or teams of teachers may set additional requirements for use in their classroom.


Seymour Public Schools has the right to prohibit student participating in the ‘take home’ aspects of the 1:1 program in cases where the student has been unable to meet the expectations outlined in this policy, including treatment of the assigned device.


Students are expected to abide by the following rules and behavioral expectations, while using a District assigned device, both at home and within the school:


Use of Equipment Hardware and Software

 Student must have a "District Assigned Device Student User Agreement" and a "School District Assigned Device Protection Plan Form" signed by a parent/guardian on file with Seymour Public Schools in order to use the device at home and to access the Internet while using the device.


The device is to be used for educational purposes only.


The use of the device must not violate the parent/guardian/student signed "District Assigned Device Student User Agreement".


Student may not destroy, deface, or alter device or accessories, identifying labeling or files not belonging to the student.

Student may not remove district installed software from the device.


Only school appropriate software and data should be installed or stored on the device.  No inappropriate media including but not limited to weapons, pornography, drug/alcohol related content, gang related content or any content that would be disruptive or dangerous to the learning environment.


Any software or data installed on the device or associated with a District assigned user account are subject to the Seymour Public Schools Network / Internet Acceptable Use" Policy (6141.321) and Student Code of Conduct.


This District reserves the right to install or remove software or data including media from devices or online services associated with a district assigned account at any time.


Use of Network

Engaging in online activities, while using the device, that are in violation of this policy may result in disciplinary action, possibly including termination of the student's network/Internet privileges in accordance with the "Seymour Public Schools Network / Internet Acceptable Use" Policy (6141.321).


Sending messages via school technology with the intent to intimidate, frighten, threaten, harass, ridicule or bully another person is considered harassment and will have consequences per the Parent/Student Handbook Student  Discipline  Code,  Seymour Publics Schools  Bullying  Policy  (5131.911, 5131.913),  Seymour Public  Schools Sexual Harassment Policy (5145.5 and 5145.511) and the Seymour Public Schools Acceptable Computer Use Policy (6141.321).


Students may not change, alter, bypass, or attempt to bypass any District assigned device's security measures including 'jailbreaking' or bypassing filtered Internet sites.



It is a violation of the "Seymour Public Schools Network / Internet Acceptable Use" Policy (6141.321) to share your password with anyone else, or to access any account belonging to other students, faculty, or staff.


Seymour Public Schools will never remotely access the camera or microphone of any district assigned device outside of school.



Seymour Public Schools Technology staff may monitor devices at any time with the exception of the camera and microphone.


The account history and activity of online accounts associated with District assigned user accounts may be monitored at any time.


The data associated with any District assigned account or user ID, including District assigned email addresses, is not private and may be searched if it is felt that illegal or otherwise inappropriate use of technology is occurring.


Improper use of Seymour Public Schools technology or technology infrastructure may result in disciplinary action and other consequences as per the Parent/Student Handbook Student Discipline Code, Seymour Public  Schools Bullying Policy (5131.911, 5131.913), Seymour Public Schools Sexual Harassment Policy (5145.5 and 5145.511) and the "Seymour Public Schools Network / Internet Acceptable Use" Policy (6141.321).


Student agrees that he or she will not sell, contract to sell, lease, encumber lien, or otherwise dispose of the District assigned device so long as the Seymour Public School District Assigned Device User Agreement remains in effect.  The student shall hold no security or ownership interest in the device. 


In the event the student ceases to be a full time student in Seymour Public Schools, student shall return their District assigned device in clean, good, working order, at which time the User Agreement will terminate. 


In the event of a failure to return the device's equipment to the school's information technology department, the student and parent will be considered in default of the User Agreement.  This failure to return the device and equipment will then be forwarded to the proper authorities in order to bring necessary legal action or charges of theft against the student in order to recover the device, plus any and all damages suffered by Seymour Public School District by the breach of the agreement.



By signing the "District Assigned Device Student User Agreement," students and parents or guardians agree to:


Submit their device to school authorities upon request.


Keep their assigned device in good working order.


Charge their device overnight each night to ensure that they are fully charged for classes the next day.  Just as students are expected to be prepared for class by having all required materials, the student must have his/her charged device in class at the start of each day.


Protect the device from damage and theft.  If the device is lost or stolen when outside of school grounds, it should be reported to the police immediately. Parents or guardians will incur a financial obligation to the school for any missing District assigned device for which a copy of the police report has not been provided to the school Principal. Parents or Guardians will also incur a financial obligation for any repairs that are required for the device.


Report any malfunctioning or damaged devices to the school’s IT Department immediately.


An optional School District Protection Plan is offered for District Assigned Device. The School District Protection Plan will cover events such as accidental loss (theft) and damages. Please see the School District Protection Plan section at the end of this document.


If damage to the device is intentional, willful or purposeful, as determined by Seymour Public Schools, the parents or guardians will pay the full replacement cost of the device (as listed in the applicable Seymour Public Schools  District Assigned Device Protection Plan form), protective case and/or AC power adaptor, regardless of the "School District Assigned Device Protection Plan" choice.


Students will be provided with a username and password. Upon request, Parents/Guardians will be informed of their child's   username   and   password   in order to monitor   the   student's   computer   usage   at home.   When   the device is taken home by the student (or possibly taken home on summer break), it is highly recommended that it will always be used in a common family location so that adult supervision can be maintained at all times.


Student Expectations


As a learner the student will:


1.  Never leave the device unattended.

2.  Make sure the device is not subject to careless or intentional damage (e.g., as a result of horseplay)

3.  Ensure that when the device is being transported, it is as secure as possible.   

4.  Ensure the device is charged every evening and ready for use the next day (i.e., plugging it in for charging overnight).

5.  Store the device in a safe place, such as the student's locked locker, when not in use (e.g., lunch, PE, etc.). No items will be stacked on top of it.

6.  Use the device for the task assigned by my teacher at all times.  Devices will ONLY be used for educational purposes.

7.  Print only after teacher gives permission.

8. Not decorate the device in any way, including the use of stickers or decals, and not allow it to be subject to graffiti/defacing.


Consequences for Violation of Device Rules

By signing this User Agreement, the student commits to the student expectations and understand the consequences for violation.


Consequences for Breaches of the Acceptable Use Agreement:

In the event a student breaches any part of the "Seymour Public Schools Network / Internet Acceptable Use" Policy (6141.321) and/or "District Assigned Device Student User Agreement," consequences will be imposed by the school per the Parent/Student Handbook Student Discipline Code, Seymour Public Schools Bullying Policy (5131.911, 5131.913), Seymour Public Schools Sexual Harassment Policy (5145.5), the "Fees, Fines, Charges" Policy (6121.21) and the "Seymour Public Schools Network / Internet Acceptable Use" Policy (6141.321) as applicable.


Repairing or Replacing District Assigned Device

All required repairs for the device will be processed by the Seymour Public Schools Technical Support Department.  DO NOT attempt to repair the device yourself.  Damaged devices should be brought to the school IT Department to initiate the repair process. In the case of loss/theft, a police report should be filed by the parent/guardian. A copy of the police report should be provided to the school Principal.


Repairing or Replacing District Assigned Device

School District Protection Plan

School district protection is available for students and parents to cover their device replacement/repair in the event of theft, loss, or accidental damage.  There will be an annual protection cost for each device with a maximum cost of four (4) devices per family. This plan will include replacement and repairs for covered damages or loss. The actual annual cost will be specified in the applicable School District Assigned Device Protection Plan form.

It will not cover intentional damages or a loss not accompanied by a police report, in which case the student/parent will be responsible for full replacement, or repairs, up to the value of the device as specified in the applicable "School District Assigned Device Protection Plan" form.  Intentional damage will be determined by the District and/or Insurance Company. Excessive claims, as determined by the District, may result in loss of device privileges.


Parents will need to purchase this plan through the school before the student is allowed to check out a device, or have indicated that they elect to decline the offered device protection plan, in which case they assume full financial responsibility for the District assigned device including theft, loss or any damages.


Cost of Repairs

Students and Parents/Guardians will be held responsible for ALL damage to their devices including, but not limited to: broken screens, cracked plastic pieces, interoperability, etc. Should the cost to repair exceed the cost of purchasing a new device, parents/guardians will incur a financial obligation equal to the full replacement value of the device as specified in the applicable School District Assigned Device Protection Plan form. These costs can be avoided with the purchase of the optional School District Assigned Device Protection Plan.


Lost items such as cases and cables will be charged the actual replacement cost.


Legal Reference:  Connecticut General Statutes

10-221 Boards of education to prescribe rules

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