Student Data Privacy

Seymour Public Schools is committed to protecting the privacy of its community and utilizing technology that gives students an engaging and safe educational experience. Seymour Public Schools complies with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). For more details on FERPA, please visit the U.S. Department of Education's FERPA webpage.

Seymour Public Schools collects and uses data from our students and teachers to inform instructional practice and improve the learning experience. In some cases, this data is not stored on our local servers. In all cases where data may be stored or accessible outside the district, that vendor must comply with FERPA regulations. Many of our vendors have already taken the Student Privacy Pledge.

Effective October 1, 2016, all new contracts must also comply with CT State law, CT PA16-189. This page will serve as an informational gateway for the Seymour Public Schools compliance with PA16-189.

District-Wide Critical Services

Classroom Services (continued)

Google (Apps for Education)

TurnItIn (Originality Checking Service)

SNAP Health Center (School Nurse System)

EasyBib (Bibliography Generator)

Rediker Administrator's Plus (Student Information System)

edHelper (Educational Resources)

MySchoolBucks (Food Services Payment System)

StarFall (Interactive Reading)

NutriKids (Food Services Point of Sale System)

Class Dojo (Classroom Engagement)

Follett-Destiny (Library System)

Pearson EasyBridge (Curriculum Support)

Naviance (College and Career Readiness)

NewsELA (News Articles)

IEPDirect (Special Education Management)

OdysseyWare (Online curriculum & eLearning)

Enchanted Learning

Discovery Education (Interactive Content)

Student Assessment

Sunburst Digital (Type2Learn)

SBAC (Student Assessment Tests)

IKnowThat (Interactive Learning)

NWEA (Student Assessment Tests)

XtraMath (Math Website)

BrainPop (Online Activities)

Classroom Services

Spelling City

Quizlet (K-12 Online Learning Tools)

EverNote (K-12 Notes Capture)


IXL / Quia (K-12 Online Curriculum)

McGraw-Hill (K-12 Online Textbooks)

Kahoot! (K-12 Quizzes and Surveys)

Khan Academy (K-12 Online Learning)

Nearpod (K-12 Interactive Lessons)