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Can't find your bus stop on Have a concern about the bus stop your child was assigned?

Please feel free to contact Patricia Boyle in the BOE Central Office at or by phone at 203-888-4564, ext. 1902. Email is preferred, but phone calls are always welcome. Please know that during the first week of school, bus related issues can reach a high volume and you may be asked to leave a voice mail. When emailing or leaving a message, please be sure to include your child's name, school, current bus stop and number, your name, a number that you may be reached at, and a brief description of your issue. We will get back to you within one business day.

Please take the time to review your child’s bus assignment and pick up/drop off times, as they may have changed from previous years. Times posted on Transfinder are approximate and may vary by five minutes before or after the posted times. As noted above, please direct any concerns or questions to Patricia Boyle at the BOE Central Office.

Many of you have children riding the bus for the first time. If you are unsure of the Seymour Board of Education Transportation Policy and Guidelines please click on this link and you will be directed to our policies. If your child will be using Before or After School Day Care, click here to download Daycare Request Form. Please note that all forms must be submitted by August 10, 2020 to be in place for the opening day of school. Any form received after August 9th will not be processed until school has started and can take up to 48 hours to process.





Pat Boyle

Pat Boyle

Titles: Transportation Liaison, Administrative Assistant
Phone Numbers:
School: 203-888-4564 ext. 1902