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To all Parents and Guardians:

Presenter Scott Driscoll, former police officer and president of Internest Safety Concepts, LLC will be doing a presentation entitled "Safe Student use of the Internet - Internet Safety: Information for Parents and Caregivers.

Click the link below for further information:




April 30, 2020

The Seymour Public Schools staff desperately miss our students!

We want to come and say HI on
Monday, May 4

by driving through as many
Seymour neighborhoods as we can.

The caravan will be escorted by the Seymour Police Department, the Seymour Fire Department, and Seymour EMS and will
start at 1:00. 

The caravan will be lined up by school so you will have the opportunity to see the staff that you miss from your school.

Please step outside to see this caravan and allow our staff to greet the students they love and miss so much!
Date: May 4, 2020                Assembly Time: 12:30 pm.  Start Time: 1:00 pm.
Event: Seymour Public Schools Staff car caravan, escorted by Seymour Police,
and Emergency Services through the Town of Seymour.
Assembly Location: Caravan #1 Seymour Middle School­­­­­________________________________________________________      

Caravan #1
Start at Seymour Middle School
Left on Mountain
Right on Botsford
Right on Great Hill
Left on North Benham
Left on Tomlinson
Right on Spruce Brook
Left on Middle Benham
Left on High Ridge
Right on Great Meadow
Left on Partridge
Right on Tomlinson
Left on Laurel
Right on Great Hill
Left on Davis
Right on Botsford
Right on Brookfield
Right on Botsford
Right on Canfield
Left on Bungay
Right on Deer Run
Left on Mead Farm
Continue onto North Mead Farm
Right on Elmwood
Left on Oak Hill
Left on Dogwood
Left on Hemlock
Right on Poplar
Left on Bungay
Right on Greenwood
Right on Carriage
Right on Botsford
Right on Canfield
Right on Forest Road Extension
Right on Mountain
Right on Chuse
Right on Sagamore
Left on Sachem
Right on Mountain
Right on Route 67
Left on Swan
Right on Clifton
Left on Rimmon
Right on Pershing
Right on Shelton
Right on George
Left on Martha
Right on Route 67
Left on Church Street
Continue onto West Church to Bungay Road.
End at Bungay School



Caravan #2
Assembly Location: Chatfield-Lopresti SchoolRoute:
Start at Chatfield-LoPresti School
Left on Skokorat
Right on Bunting
Right on Birchwood
Left on Argyle
Left on Charles
Right on Bunting
Right on Skokorat
Right on Heritage
Right on Skokorat
Right on Rolling Hills
Right on Red Oak Lane
Left on Hidden Meadow
Left on Fox Run
Right on Rolling Hills
Left on Forest Hallow
Left on Skokorat
Right on Briarwood
Right on Skokorat
Right on 67
Right on Garden
Right on Nichols
Right on Meadow
Left on Roberts
Right on North Street
Right on Pearl
Left on Walnut
Right on Elm
Right on Pearl
Left on Grand
Left on Washington
Left on Maple
Right on Pearl
Left on South Main
Right on Scott
Left on Manners
Left on Byron
Left on South Main
Right on Robin
Continue onto Chickadee
Right on Colony
Right on Wild Duck
Left on Pheasant
Right onto Colony Street Ext
Continue onto Falbo
Left on Wycliffe
Right on Woodcrest
Left on Moss
Right on Lane
Left on Bryson
End on South Main

March 25, 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We miss seeing our learners in person, but this week our teachers and administrators have found plenty of evidence that learning is happening in Seymour Public Schools! Please know that all staff have been hard at work, making plans for distance learning and working to address the needs of our families and students.

Below please see important updates to our state assessments and our distance learning plans. 

State and AP Testing Update

●      We are pleased to share that the Connecticut State Department of Education has received a waiver from the US Dept. of Education regarding tests that are required for accountability purposes. This means that the Smarter Balanced Assessment, Next Generation Science Standards Assessment, and the school-day SAT administration will not take place this year.  Since many students in Grade 11 use the Connecticut SAT School Day for college acceptance/placement, the CSDE will work closely with the College Board to determine how best to afford all students the opportunity to take an SAT assessment either this spring or sometime in the future.  More to come on this as it becomes available.

●      AP Testing will take place this spring, in a very different format.

○      Traditional face-to-face exam administrations will not take place. Students will take a 45-minute online free-response exam at home on an assigned date between May 4 and May 15.

○      Some students may want to take the exam sooner rather than later, while the content is still fresh. Other students may want more time to practice. For each AP subject, there will be 2 different testing dates.

○      Any student already registered for an exam can choose to cancel at no charge.

○      AP is making free resources available on line at this link. Click here to access.

 Distance Learning Update

●      We are into our first week of learning from home, and we are very busy learning side by side with you and your children. This is new for everyone, and we appreciate your patience as we work to find the best ways to support learning at home. The questions that you are asking your teachers and administrators continue to help refine our processes, so please keep those communication lines open!

●      We are currently working to build a page on our school website that will house all information related to our distance learning and the Coronavirus. This will serve as a convenient place for you to find important information, in addition to Facebook.

●      Our amazing technology staff continues to work with families to make devices available to students.  The last date to pick up a device will be tomorrow, Thursday, March 25 between 10:00 and 11:00 AM at Seymour Middle School. Please complete the Google form prior to picking up the Chromebook.

School Calendar Update

●      April vacation will take place as scheduled, from April 10-April 17. Teachers will be off during that time and will not be posting new assignments. Our students and teachers will be enjoying a well-deserved break.

●      The last student day will be June 12. At this time we are planning on graduation on June 12.

In closing, please remain home, healthy, and safe.

Thank you,

Vonda Tencza,  Associate Superintendent - Seymour Public Schools


March 23, 2020

KINDERGARTEN REGISTRATION: As you are all aware, our schools are currently closed because of the executive order issued from Governor Lamont. This being the case, our kindergarten registration will need to be rescheduled once our schools reopen. Please continue to look on the Seymour Schools Website and Facebook page for updates on this rescheduled date. Thank you for your patience and do not worry, your child will be registered in time to attend the first day of school in the fall.


March 23, 2020

Dear Seymour Families,

We hope this communication finds you healthy and safe.

Today we wish to address the fact that elementary school families recently completed parent-teacher conferences and expect to view report cards very soon.  This will still occur, however, much like everything in our world today, the process will look a little different.  The middle and high school marking periods are expected to close on March 31 and as of today we are still planning on following that timeframe for middle and high school. Should we be held out of school longer, we will update you on the status of middle and high school report cards at that point.

John Adams, a famous American historical leader, once quoted, “Every problem is an opportunity in disguise.” Seymour Schools is excited to share that we are taking this opportunity to take advantage of the online capacity of PowerSchool to allow parents and students to view their report cards online. 

Elementary teachers have been busy completing student report cards, and the PowerSchool portal has been closed to accommodate that important work. Report cards will not be available until the portal is open to parents by administration.  The elementary PowerSchool Portal will be re-opened on March 25.

Elementary Families: How do you view your child’s report card?

·       Parents must sign into your PowerSchool Parent Portal account. If you have forgotten your account information, you should contact Pat Boyle at or call 1-203-888-4564 X 1902

·       Students may use their PowerSchool access to view their report card.

·       Select the name of the child whose report card you wish to view.

·       Click on ‘Grades and Attendance’ and then the ‘Standards Grades’ Tab.

·       You then can expand all of the standards by clicking ‘Expand All’ to view the grades

·       You cannot access report cards from the PowerSchool mobile app.

We understand that you may have questions and may need assistance. Please feel free to reach out to your building administrators with general report card questions or Pat Boyle for assistance accessing your PowerSchool account.

Never has it been more true than now that it takes a village. We appreciate our Seymour village.

Thank you,

Vonda Tencza


March 12, 2020

Re: Boy’s and Girl’s Club 

Dear Parents/Guardians: 

Seymour Public Schools was notified last night that the Community Center will be shut down starting next Monday, March 16, 2020 for an undetermined amount of time.  This will adversely affect the Boy’s and Girl’s Club.   Our plan is to put the children that go to the Boy’s and Girl’s Club in the afternoon back on the bus they arrive on in the morning.  This will put many of our buses at full capacity.  We are not allowing students to go on buses other than the one that they arrive on in the morning. We ask for your understanding and hope that this situation  will be of short duration.  If you are not planning on your child taking their morning bus home please let us know what your plans are for picking up your students in the afternoon.    Any questions you may call Pat Boyle at 203.888.4564 ext. 1902. 


Sherry Holmes, Business Manager

Seymour Public Schools



Welcome Back 2019
Robert Dyer

We hope that you all enjoyed your extended summer break this year and got to spend time doing the things that make you happy and refreshed. Hopefully, the summer months provided you and your family time to reconnect and relax.

August 12, 2019

Hello to the Seymour Public Schools Community,

We hope that you all enjoyed your extended summer break this year and got to spend time doing the things that make you happy and refreshed. Hopefully, the summer months provided you and your family time to reconnect and relax.

Summer is a great time to reflect and recharge and we sincerely hope that each and every one of you took the time necessary to do that.  However, as you also know, summer time is also a time for a lot of hard work to get things prepared for the upcoming school year.  We want to thank our wonderful custodial staff for their hard work throughout the summer.  We appreciate their commitment to getting our facilities ready on time even though there was a great deal of activity going on at some of the buildings this summer.  Our buildings look amazing and are ready to welcome back our students.  We also want to thank Mr. Dyer and his staff for getting all of the technology throughout the district updated and ready to go.  Their hard work is to be commended. Another group to thank is our building Administrators, who along with the Central Office Team have worked hard in order to properly screen, interview, and hire needed staff. We would be remiss if we did not thank all of the members of our staff who did a phenomenal job during summer school. During the summer, our teachers assembled to work on and improve current curriculum across all grade levels and this work with continue throughout the year in order to enhance the learning experience for all students.

As educators and fellow parents, we too know the anxiety and excitement that come along with the start of a new school year and while this can at times be unsettling and cause some students and parents to lose some sleep, we encourage you to remember that all of us here in Seymour have your children’s best interest at heart.  It is our mission to help each and every one of your children to learn and grow as individuals both intellectually as well as socially. We once again say THANK YOU for your hard work as a parent and as an advocate for your child and we are happy that you choose to share your children with us and we look forward to assisting them throughout this new school year.  As professionals who chose this wonderful educational career pathway, we get to see firsthand the direct impact that learning has on your child and we are here to watch your children flourish and mature with every passing day.

As you have heard me say many times, our students are always our number one priority and we will continue to build and cultivate our partnerships with you in order to help your children succeed.  We will continue to work together for all of Seymour’s students during the 2019-2020 school year. 

Last year, our students did very well on the various assessments (MAP, SBAC, SAT, and AP) administered to them and we have continued to see growth across the K-12 spectrum. This growth is a direct result of your student’s hard work and effort as well as their teacher’s hard work and dedication in getting them prepared.  My team of administrators and teachers are confident that this growth will continue this year and beyond because of the support that you give to your children and to our schools.  Please always remember that true learning happens as a team, and as such, you are an integral part of this process.  As parents, you are to be commended for being your child’s biggest fan and educational advocate.  It is that support of your children as well as your support of their teachers and the learning process that we can and truly will succeed at the highest possible level.   

Seymour is a great learning community where academics and extracurricular activities flourish.  The amount of time and dedication that your children place into learning as well as into extracurricular activities and community events is beyond amazing.  Our students know what it means to be well rounded because they are so heavily engaged and involved.  Their hard work and dedication is impressive and this will truly carry them far in life. My team and I are fortunate and honored to serve your amazing children and to serve a community that values education and supports our school system.

Our expectations are very high for another great school year where our students shine in the classroom and in the community.  We are excited to greet your children on our first day of school on Wednesday August 28, 2019.  Please remember to visit the district’s website at: as well as our Facebook page at: in order to keep up to date on all activities and events.

With great pride,

Michael Wilson, Superintendent

Go Wildcats!