Clubs and Athletics

Clubs and Advisors at SMS

Guided Student Support:

Art Club: Ms. Dingle

Debate Club: Mr. Catlin and Mrs. Wood

Flip the Script: Ms. Dest

B Sharps: 

Environmental Club:  Ms. Peterson 

Jazz Band: Mrs. Meek

MathCounts: Mrs. Batterton

Student Council: Mrs. Batterton and Mrs. McQuillan

STEM: Ms. Dest

WSMS News: 


Sports and Coaches at SMS

Girls’ Volleyball: 

Cheer: Ms. Michaud

Girls’ Soccer: Ms. Dest

Boys’ Soccer: Mr. Goldstein and Mr. Frosolone

Girls’ Basketball: Mr. Prasauckas

Boys’ Basketball: Mr. Goldstein

Girls’ Softball: Mr. Catlin

Boys’ Baseball: Mr. Goldstein

Cross Country: Mr. Prasauckas